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Med-Flash II IPL

  • Intense Pulse Light system
  • 3 Lamp/Filters
  • Easy to use touchscreen operation
  • Separate Cooling Handpiece
Med-Flash II IPL


The Med-Flash II IPL is the next generation of safety-featured IPL technology. It boasts a large 10.4 inch intuitive touch screen with easy to use software interface and features 2 handpieces - one contains the flash lamp box and filter, the other is a large cooling handpiece. This is especially useful for treating larger body areas when doing hair reduction treatments.

With the largest spot size on the market, Med-Flash II makes working on large body areas a breeze. Plus, interchangeable windows allow you to change spot size within seconds to manage smaller treatment areas.

A range of lamp box filters is available to assist most skin rejuvenation and hair reduction applications. A very simple and efficient system which allows you to easily customise your treatment for your customer.

Automatic filter identification means the unit quickly recognises the installed lamp box and loads up the appropriate software settings. The Med-Flash II is a very safe IPL system as it takes the guesswork out of determining what joules to use for each individual customer. This makes it easy for the operator and safe for the customer!

Single and multi-pulse technology allows you to further tailor and enhance the outcomes of your treatments.


Through the use of multiple lamp box filters, the Med-Flash II IPL covers many treatment applications all from the one handpiece. Simply swap out the lamp box to the desired filter and Med-Flash II will identify and bring up the appropriate treatment settings available for that filter.

Skin responds very well to the IPL light which can assist in the rejuvenation and appearance of the skin, promoting a clearer complexion for all skin types.

Hair reduction is safe and easy with Med-Flash II IPL. A specific lamp box filter is included which is designed and targeted for best results over continued treatments.

Technical Feature Overview

  • Manufactured in Italy
  • 1 year warranty
  • In-clinic training
  • Multiple lamp boxes: 590nm, 640nm (standard inclusion) 390nm & 520nm (optional extras)
  • Automatic Filter Identification
  • Separate large cooling handpiece
  • Single and multi-pulse functions
  • Treatment Accessories: 2 pairs laser glasses, consultation pad, marketing brochures
Light Source Intense Pulse Light
Wavelengths Standard: 590, 640-1200nm
Optional: 390, 520-1200nm
Maximum Energy 600 Joules (nominal at lamp level)
Available Fluence 1-44 J/cm2
Emission Mode Single Pulse
Spot Sizes 50 x 25mm
35 x 15mm
20 x 10mm
Skin Cooling System Adjustable temperature from -2oC to +25oC
Display Panel 10.4 inch colour touch screen


For more information about the Med-Flash II IPL, how it works and pricing, please click on the Request Button and a company Representative will be in contact with you.



Med-Flash II Wavelengths

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